The National Women's Studies Association supports and promotes feminist/womanist teaching, learning, research, and professional and community service at the pre-K through post-secondary levels and serves as a locus of information about the inter-disciplinary field of Women's Studies for those outside the profession.  NWSA publishes a newsletter NWSAction , the quarterly NWSA Journal and other publications.  The FSU Women's Studies Program is a NWSA member institution.  Visit the Women's Studies Library to review NWSA publications.

Southeastern Women's Studies Association (SEWSA) is a group of feminists, individuals and organizations, in the southeastern states who are committed to the promotion and support of women's studies and women's advocacy in schools and communities.  The FSU Women's Studies Program is a SEWSA institutional member.


Archives for Research on Women and Gender - A Project of the Center for the Study of Women and Gender & the Special Collections and Archives Department of the University of Texas San Antonio Libraries  http://www.lib.utsa.edu/Archives/WomenGender/

Contemporary Women's Issues on health and human rights (CWI) is a database available through the OCLC FirstSearch database available in the FSU Library System.Visit: http://www.library.ucsf.edu/db/contemporary-womens-issues   Click on "FirstSearch".  Go to "Jump to Advance Search" and click on "CWI".

Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Site: Gender Related Electronic Forums

Women's Studies (R)E-sources on the Web - (Compiled by Duke University) contains links web sites for women's history, archives and collections, women's organizations, and other women's resources on the web.

Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources contains news of the latest print and audio visual resources for research and teaching in women's studies.

Artemis Guide to Women's Studies in the U.S. offers links to American college and university women's studies sites.


Women's Studies Programs -

Feminist Theory Website

Global Women's Studies Anthology: Curricular Crossings: Area Studies and Women's Studies is a web-based anthology of women's studies and gender studies scholarship and curriculum materials focused on African, Latin American and Caribbean, Middle Eastern, South Asian and transregional women's issues.

Core List of Books in Women's Studies - Compiled by the Women's Studies Section of the Amercian Library Association.  It contains 36 lists that are updated each January.

National Academy Press offeres over 2000 free books online. Topics include women in science and technology, women in adademia, women's health issues, and women and work.

Gender and Geography Bibliography

Women's Studies vs. Gender Studies Report - Keeping the Focus: Naming Women’s Studies