Welfare Made a Difference National Campaign -
seeks to reshape public perception about and public policy relating to welfare by documenting and disseminating the stories of the diverse group of people who have received welfare and struggled out of poverty with the help of welfare.

The Virginia Tech Center for Public Administration and Policy in Northern Virginia just completed a six year study on the impact of welfare reform.  It was done in conjunction with Mathematica Policy Research Inc. in New Jersey for the Virginia Dept. of Social Services.  It only addresses the impact of reform in Virginia but it provides a good start for information on welfare reform.  Follow the link to the Northern Virginia Graduate Center for contact information. http://www.cpap.vt.edu

SPEAKING OUT: WOMEN, POVERTY,AND PUBLIC POLICY Proceedings of the Wisconsin Women's Studies Annual Conference for 1998. Several of the articles look specifically at welfare reform and it its outcomes. http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/WomensStudies/othsubj.htm#WELFARE