Women in Tech: A Wired News Collection Women keep breaking through the silicon ceiling, but haven't shattered it yet. Wired News looks at the people leading the way.

Women in Science provides an international registry where women scientists can connect with one another, a mentoring area, online interviews, and teacher's resources.

The Society for the Psychology of Women was established in 1973 as Division 35 of the American Psychological Association. The Society is devoted to providing an organizational base for all feminists, women and men of all national origins who are interested in teaching, research, or practice in the psychology of women. Their purpose is to promote feminist scholarship and practice, and to advocate action toward public policies that advance equality and social justice.

The National Academies are non-profit organizations that work under an 1863 congressional charter, providing independent advice to the nation on matters of science, technology, and medicine. The web site offers and array of research resources such as full-text reports online, "Science in the Headlines, case studies in recent technological and medical advances, a list of current projects, education and employment resources , and online additions of several Academy magazines and journals.  Included are links to Celebration of Women in Engineering (highlights the opportunities, creativity, and potential that engineering represents to women, and to all people, of all ages) Committee on Women in Science and Engineering (features a database of organizations encouraging women in science and engineering) Women in Science and Engineering (resources from a staff group seeking to increase the participation and visibility of women in Academy-complex activities and the scientific community).

National Academy Press offers over 2000 free books online. Topics include women in science and technology, women in adademia, women's health issues, and women and work.

400 Years of Women in Science -

Women in Global Science and Technology -

Center for Women and Information Technology The Center's mission is to encourage more women and girls to become involved with information technology, both as knowledgable users and as professionals in the field.  The Center's web site includes resources that further the mission.  They include what is perhaps the most extensive online collection of news articles concerning women and IT; a large bibliography of books about women and information technology that includes links to reviews, interviews, web sites, etc.; links to women-related web sites focusing on Science/Technology and on Internet Information; information about women-related email lists in Science/Technology; announcements of conferences, calls for papers; and a vast collection of web-based syllabi for women and gender-related courses, including courses focusing on women and science/technology, and more.

Math, Science, and Technology Programs For Girls provided by the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

The Gender & Science Digital Library is a cutting-edge, collaborative project which will result in a network of learning environments and resources for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The program is aimed at meeting the needs of  students and teachers at all levels--K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning--in both individual and collaborative settings, as well as formal and informal modes. The primary objective of the GSDL is to create a high-quality, interactive library of gender and science STEM resources for K-12, higher education (community college and university), women's studies, teacher preparation programs, and informal learning environments.

Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network (WEPAN) is a good resource for programs across the nation that focus on recruiting and retaining women and girls in math, science, engineering, and technology.  This web site contains links to program web sites, a list of resources they have produced themselves, a searchable bibliography, and other information.

The University of Wisconsin Women & Science Program focuses on classroom factors which help women and minority students to succeed.  For an overview of the program, including the summer Curriculum Reform Institute, visit this web page.

For information on the University of Wisconsin Women & Science Program, Science Outreach program which uses college students to teach hands-on science to all students, visit this site.

Women Mathematicians is a comprehensive list of biographies of women mathematicians from the 17th century to the present, including photographs.  Developed by students at Agnes Scott College.