America's Commitment - Women 2000 is a A Five-Year Review of Federal Programs Benefiting Women and New Initiatives as a follow-up to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women.  Released March 2000, it covers twelve critical areas of concer as outlinted by the Beijing Platform for Action , signed by 189 countries in 1995.  The Platform calls for economic opportunity and security for women, quality education and health care, full political and economic participation of women, equality, and the promotion of human rights for women.

Justice by Gender: The Lack of Appropriate Prevention, Diversion and Treatment Alternatives in the Juvenile Justice System This report was issued on May 1, 2001 by the American Bar Association and the National Bar Association. The report can be viewed at:   The home page for the report notes a number of press stories:

State of Florida Commission on the Status of Women web site

Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement, WISER, is working to expand retirement planning education to enable women to make informed decisions about their finances and to take advantage of plans offered by their employers in order to maximize their retirement benefits.

US Dept. of Labor's "Highlights of Women's Earnings in 1999," is online at

Statistics on Women in the US Workplace

Ending Violence Against Women - An Agenda for the Nation is offered by the National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women. It is a comprehensive blueprint for individual, community and government action.

Sexual Victimization of College Women The Department of Justice released this report in January 2001 which offers "a comprehensive look into the prevalence and nature of sexual assault occurring at American colleges." The report provides data on the frequency, types, related injuries, and victim perceptions of sexual assault on campus.
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Family Finances in the US: Recent Evidence from The Survey of Consumer Finances

Income and Poverty Reports from the US Census Bureau
The census also has a useful "We the Americans" series, in which a variety of factors are combined into a report on the overall status of different groups:

Women Making History Today is a web site that chronicles women's progress in the US and around the world. The site is comprised of more than 150 stories that document women's breakthroughs as well as obstacles to their progress. Presented by the Christian Science Monitor.

Half The World focuses on news, issues, books and Web sites of interest to women, most of which aren't heavily publicized in the mainstream media.