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Women's Studies Library Resources for Florida State University

  The Jean Gould Bryant
Library of Women's Studies
Located inside the Women's Studies Office - 475 Bellamy

Journal Subscriptions

  • Tranformations  A resource for curriculum transformation and scholarship  (Winter 1991 - current)
  • NWSA Journal  A publication of the National Women's Studies Association  (Autumn 1988 - current)
  • Women's Studies Newsletter  (Winter 1972 - Winter 1980)   A publication of the Feminist Press;  later renamed to Women's Studies Quarterly
  • Women's Studies Quarterly  An educational project of The Feminist Press;  journal of women's studies   (Spring 1981 - Fall/Winter 1998)
  • Institute for Women's Policy Research  Quarterly Review and Monthly Newletter (volumes vary)  Offers reports and press clippings on current public policy issues concerning women, such as gender equity, welfare reform and insurance reform.
  • Diversity Digest is a publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, communicating diversity in higher education. (Spring 1999- current)
  • On Campus with Women is a publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.  It is a project on the status and development of women's education  It covers gender equity and access  in education, curriculum, campus life, pedagogy, research, books, technology, resources, and more.  (Fall 1978 - current)

Other Available Journals

  • Signs  (Winter 1975 - Summer 1980)  Journal of women in culture and society
  • Hypatia  (Spring 1986 - Summer 1994)  The New Jersey Project Journal focusing on curriculum transformation
  • Feminist Issues  (Spring 1982 - Spring 1987)  Journal of feminist social and political theory
  • Feminist Studies  (Fall 1975 - Fall 1998)  Forum for feminist analysis, debate, and exchange
  • Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies  (Summer 1977 - 1989)  Journal of studies on all aspects of women
  • International Journal of Women's Studies  (January/February 1978 - March/April 1985)  Journal of studies on all aspects of women
  • New Directions for Women (Newspaper)
  • Spokeswoman  (July 1978 - December 1981) A national feminist news monthly
  • Women & History  (Spring 1982 - 1987, selected issues)  Historical essays and scholarship on women
  • Women & Politics  (Fall 1982 - Winter 1984,  selected issues)  Journal concerning women and politics and the political process
  • Women's Studies International Quarterly  selected issues concerning women's studies
  • Quest: A Feminst Quarterly  Journal of collection of feminist essays on women's issues

The Women's Studies Program also has selected issues of SIGNS, WOMEN AND HEALTH, WOMEN AND THERAPY, AWID, SEWSA News, NWSAction, CROW (Center for Research on Women, University of Memphis) and various miscelleneous journals.