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for Undergraduates


The Association for Women in Development (AWID) is an international, feminist, membership organization committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights. A dynamic network of women and men around the world, AWID members are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more.  Our mission: what we do: AWID’s mission is to strengthen the voice, impact and influence of women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements internationally to effectively advance the rights of women. A number of internships and job postings are available on their website.

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ) / Women PeaceMakers program selects four peacemakers each year to participate in an eight-week residency at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ), located on the University of San Diego campus in San Diego, California. The program pairs each peacemaker with a Peace Writer and a documentary film team to document her story and best practices. Selected candidates give presentations on their work both at the IPJ and in the San Diego community and have opportunities to exchange ideas and approaches to peacemaking and justice, increasing their capacity to participate in conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts and in post-conflict decision-making.   

This is a program open to women who have been involved in either official or unofficial peace processes and who may be working at the grassroots, national or international level. We select women who have been active in efforts to secure a just peace, namely, through conflict resolution and civil society participation that is inclusive and honors human rights. Women PeaceMakers must:

·         Have experience working directly in peacemaking and/or human rights efforts at a grassroots, national or international level.

·         Speak sufficient English to relate personal experiences. Written English is not necessary.

·         Be in a position to apply what is learned and/or to share with others at the conclusion of the residency program.

·         There is no cost for participation in the Women PeaceMakers Program. Airfare, visa expenses, lodging and health insurance are covered by the program. Peacemakers receive a stipend during their residency to cover living expenses and incidentals.

For more information please visit their website.

Internships with The Washington Center - The Washington Center allows students to intern in a public or private agency in Washington, DC. Academic credit can be counted for elective credit or major credit, with approval of advisor. Women in Public Policy and The Women's Leadership Program two of many programs offered. For more information, FSU students can contact Professor Burton Atkins, Director of International Affairs, is the faculty liaison for the program.   

National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest feminist organization in the United States.  As an intern with the National NOW Action Center you will be on the front lines of the women's rights movement.  Prospective interns should be hard working, enthusiastic and flexible individuals who possess or seek a working knowledge of women's issues and feminist organizing. Interns should also be committed to continuing to struggle for equality and justice once they leave the internship program and return to their campuses and communities.  Interns will work with one of the following teams: 

  • Government Relations/Public Policy Team: Characterized by lobbying, legislative research and writing, and political campaign work. 
  • Field Organizing Team : Get involved in the nuts and bolts of grassroots organizing for NOW's broad range of priority issues .  Work on pickets, campaigns, conferences/summits, speaking tours and materials development. 
  • Direct Mail, Fundraising, and Membership Team: Characterized by excellent opportunities for experience in marketing, business administration, and computer science. 
  • Communications Team : Research and write articles for the National NOW Times , assist in maintaining press clips, draft press releases, field press calls, design and edit web pages. 
  • Political Action Committee : Assist with NOW/PAC organizing, including meeting with candidates, processing endorsement requests, and managing Federal Election Commission materials. 

Interested interns should send the following: 

  • A cover letter that expresses why you want to intern for NOW
  • A current resume 
  • A completed application form  
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • A writing smaple (1-3 pages)

For more info visit:    If you have further questions please contact Intern/Volunteer Coordinator at 202-628-8669 or 1100 H Street NW, Suite 300, Washington D.C. 20005, or e-mail at
Deadline for Spring Internship: November 15 
Deadline for Summer Internship: March 15 
Deadline for Fall Internship: June 30 

Pro-Choice Public Education Project is a National Reproductive Justice Organization that works to engage and inform young women, transgender and gender non-conforming young people whose voices are not heard in spaces where sexual and reproductive health and rights are addressed.  Multiple internships are available just visit PEP Internships for more information. 

The National Women's Health Network has fall, spring, and summer internships available.  Interns will conduct research, update health information packets, and work with staff on a policy project.  Interns must commit to a minimum of twelve weeks.  Fall and spring interns receive a stipend of $160 per week.  For application information, contact Shaniqua Seth at 202-682-2640, or visit   No deadline given.

Washington Internships Available The National Academy of Social Insurance has a variety of internships available.  Most deadlines are in March each year.  For more information on the National Academy and its intern activities visit the web page at

The National Women's Political Caucus seeks dedicated, intelligent, and politically-charged interns for their national office in Washington, D.C. A bi-partisan grassroots organization working to get more women involved in the political process, NWPC trains political candidates and campaign workers, conducts a federal appointments project, as well as generates research and publishes a variety of material on women and politics. Internships at the NWPC's national office offer the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and to be involved in the planning and execution of Caucus activities. Internships are offered in all areas of Caucus operation (including Political Office, Development/Fundraising Office, Special Events, Press Office, Membership and Field Office, and Office of the President). 

To apply for an internship, please email a current resume, a cover letter, and a topical writing sample, along with how you found out about the program to: If you prefer you can fax application materials to 202.370.6306 or mail to: NWPC, PO Box 50476, Washington DC 20091

Equality Florida Seeking Interns From Across the State
Equality Florida has graduate and undergraduate internships available each school session for college and university students or recent graduates covering a variety of disciplines. We are in need of energized and dynamic young leaders to become a part of the work being done across the state to create a fair and safe environment for all Floridians, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The movement towards GLBT equality cannot be won overnight. If we are to reach our goals it is imperative that we support and foster leadership in those who will continue the fight. As an EQFL Intern, students will learn the basic and advanced skills needed to become effective grassroots organizers.

Interns will be challenged to master skills that include: effective oral and written communication, volunteer and outreach management, coalition building, legislative tracking and analysis, and issue-based lobbying and public education.

Interns should expect to work approximately 15 to 40 hours a week during this period. Internships are unpaid, although small stipends are available for those willing to make a commitment of 30+ hours per week for more than three months. Since Equality Florida is a nonprofit agency, we may qualify with certain schools to allow student work study obligations to be fulfilled by working at Equality Florida. Prospective interns should contact their campus Financial Aid office for details. 

Please submit a resume and one page cover letter stating which internship you are interested in, the semester and calendar months for which you are applying, and biographical information. The cover letter should also include information about why you would like to work as an Equality Florida intern and what you hope to gain from your work with us. Applicants can include information on past political/organizing experiences though it is not required.

Please send your application materials to Michael Farmer.

Internship in Feminism and Public Policy
The Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation seeks highly motivated undergraduate students with an interest in the public policy and political science, particularly in areas concerning gender, human rights and development. Interns must demonstrate a strong academic record and preferably have a background in the feminist movement and/or feminist issues. Internships are available in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices.

The Feminist Majority Foundation offers internships throughout the year in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices. Interns work full or part-time during the spring and fall semesters, and full-time during the summer. Full-time interns work 35-40 hours a week, while part-time interns must commit at least 20 hours per week. Regular office hours are 9:30-6:00 but interns may tailor their hours to fit school and work schedules. All who are interested are encouraged to apply.

Email your resume, including gpa, cover letter and a writing sample of no more than 5 pages to the addresses listed below. Interns are accepted for the following periods -- Summer (June to August), Fall (September to December), and Spring (January to May). Please specify the internship area in which you would prefer to work. The deadlines to apply for available internships in the DC office are as follows: Summer (March 31), Fall (July 15), Spring (October 15). For the LA office, the deadline to apply for Summer internships is March 31 and Spring and Fall applicants are accepted on a rolling basis.

Washington, DC Office
Internship Coordinator 
Feminist Majority Foundation
1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 801
Arlington, VA 22209
phone: (703)522-2214
toll-free: 1-866-444-3652 
fax: (703)522-2219

Los Angeles Office 
Internship Coordinator 
Feminist Majority Foundation
433 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
phone: (310) 556-2500
fax: (310) 556-2509

Center for Global Education at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers three undergraduate study abroad semester programs focusing on issues of gender/women and development.   The Center is committed to facilitate the exchange of diverse perspectives not only between students and the people of Latin American and Southern Africa, but also among the student participants themselves.  Students participating in the Center programs: 1) encounter Latin American and Southern African women struggling for justice; 2) expand their world view and challenge perceptions about "Third World" women; 3) explore the integral roles women play in the development of their countries.  The program offers a unique year-long study abroad experience for Women's Studies major.  The Center also offers scholarships for students of color who participate in the programs.  More information can be found on the website

The Feminist Women's Health Center of Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of internship options.  As a women's health care provider, educator, and advocate, there are many avenues in which students could pursue an internship at the Center.  Each intern will have a job description and/or a checklist for its completion.  There are also trainings, activities, and team-building events included in the summer internships, and in many of the internships offered year round.  Some internship options include:  Board of Directors Internship, Clinical Internship, Coordinator internship, Counseling Internship, Fundraising Internship, Grassroots Organizing Internship (Volunteer Recruitment and Community Outreach), Lesbian Health Internship, Medical Students for Choice Internship, Political Organizing Internship, Public Relations/Marketing Internship, Training Internship, and Web Site Internship.

In order to apply for an internship, you will need to complete an Internship Application to send along with the following other materials:

·         Cover Letter

·         Resume

·         A Recommendation Letter

·         Transcript Copy, and

·         Writing Sample of 1 to 2 pages answering the questions: “Why is being an intern at the Feminist Women’s Health Center important to me?”

·         Deadlines can be found here.

Note: Please send in your application as soon as possible. Often there are multiple applicants for the same internship, which means that we frequently have multiple candidates for the same internship post. Please be advised that, in some cases, we will accept candidates for a specific internship in advance of an internship deadline.



For additional information, contact: