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Women's Studies Library Resources for Florida State

FSU Libraries:


American Magazine Journalists, 1850-1990 . 1989. 
Ref  PN4871 A474 1989

American Newspaper Journalists, 1873-1900 . 1983. 
Ref  PN4871 A49 1983

American Playwrights, 1880-1945:  a Research and Production Sourcebook.   1995.  Ref  PS351 A43 1995

American Women Historians, 1700s-1990s: a Biographical Dictionary.   1966.  Ref   E175.45 S27 1996

Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America.  Manuscript Inventories and the Catalogs of Manuscripts, Books, and Pictures, Radclifffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts.   Ref   Z7965 A78 1973
The Schlesinger Library represents the largest collection of source material on the history of women in America. 

Biographical Dictionary of Women Artists in Europe and America Since 1850 . 1990.  Ref  N6757 D86 1990

Biographies of American Women: an Annotated Bibliogaphy . 1990.  Ref  CT3260 S63 1990

Biography and Genealogy Master Index . Indexes over 350 biographical sources.  Ref  Z5305 U5 B57

Congressional Masterfile, 1789-1969 .  Indexes congressional
hearings, reports, and documents. CD-ROM in Documents

Davis, Gwenn. Personal Writings by Women to 1900: a Bibliography of American and British Writers. 1989. 
Ref  Z1229 W8 D38 1989

Goodfriend, Joyce D.Published Diaries and Letters of American Women: an Annotated Bibliography.   Boston, Mass. G.K. Hall, --1987.  Ref  Z5305 .U5 G66 1987

Hanaford, Phebe Ann (Coffin).Daughters of America; or, Women of the Century . 1882.  396.092 H233d

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Ref  Z6620 U5 N3

Norman, Geraldine.Nineteenth-Century Painters and Painting : a Dictionary. 1977.  Ref  ND190 N57 1977

Notable American Women: 1607-1950: a Biographical Dictionary . 1971. Ref  CT3260 N573

Ogilvie, Marilyn Bailey. Women in Science: Antiquity Through the Nineteenth Century: a Biographical Dictionary with Annotated Bibliography . 1986. 
Dirac Science Library  Ref  Q141 034 1986

Personal Name Index to the "New York Times, Index," 1851-1974
Doc Ref  Z5301 F28

Petteys, Chris.Dictionary of Women Artists: an International
Dictionary of Women Artists Born Before 1900. 1985. 
Ref  N43P47 1985

Routledge international  encyclopedia of women: global women's issues and knowledge.   HQ 1115 .R69 2000
The first major reference to provide comprehensive global, multicultural coverage of women's issues and concerns. A collaborative project among 800 women from six continents, this unique encyclopedia features over 900 signed A-Z entries frmo some 70 countries. Subjects include: Arts and Literature; Culture and Communication; Ecology and Environment; Economy and Development; Education; Health, Reproduction, and Sexuality; History and Philosophy of Feminism; Households and the Family; Politics and the State; Religion and Spirituality; Science and Technology; Violence and Peace; Women's Studies; and Bibliographical Resources. 

Sanders, Lloyd Charles. Celebrities of the Century; Being a
Dictionary of Men and Women of the Nineteenth Century. 1971.  Ref CT119 S3  1971  v.1-2

Shipp, Steve.American Art Colonies, 1850-1930 : a Historical Guide to America's Original Art Colonies and their Artists. 1996. Ref N6510 S54 1996.

Smith College. Library. Catalog of the Sophia Smith Collection: Women's History Archive. Ref Z7965 S55
The nation's oldest archive of Women's History. Retrospective and contemporary files that contain thousands of manuscripts, printed and inconographic source documents on the history of women from 1795. 

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage.History of Woman Suffrage. 324.3  S792h  v. 1-6 Shelved in Subbasement

Victorian American Women, 1840-1880: an Annotated Bibliography.
1992. Ref Z7964 Y49 M43 1992

Willard, Frances Elizabeth. A Woman of the Century: Fourteen
Hundred-Seventy Biographical Sketches Accompanied by Portraits of Leading American Women in All Walks of Life . 1893;  reprint 1967.  Ref  E176 W691 1967

Women Educators in the United States. 1820-1993:   a Bio-
bibliographical Resourcebook .  Ref  LA2311 W65 1994

Women Public Speakers in the United States, 1800-1925;   a Biocritical Sourcebook. 1993.  Ref  HQ1412 W67 1993


American Biographical Archive . Two series each arranged alphabetically by name of person.  Ref  Mif  1127 and Ref  Mif 1536

American Culture Series, 1493-1875 . Film 79   Records for individual items in LUIS. Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z1215-A583
Early American books and pamphlets which are usually not available in any other form. Many of the items were written by women or deal with aspects of women's lives in American society. (Film 79) Guide to the complete set. (Micr Z 1215 A583).

Anti-slavery Convention of American Women (1st : 1837 : New
York)Proceedings of the Anti-slavery Convention of American Women.    Mic 326  Anti-slavery

Anti-slavery Convention of American Women (3rd : 1839 :
Philadelphia, Pa.)Proceedings of the Third Anti-slavery Convention of American Women.    Mic 326  Anti-slavery

Anti-slavery Convention of American Women (3rd 1839:  Philadelphia, Pa.) An Address from the Convention of American Women, to the Society of Friends:  on the Subject of Slavery.   Mic 326  Anti-slavery

Civil War, 1861-1869 . Mif 1117 Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z 1242 C58

Collected Correspondence of Lydia Marie Child, 1817-1880 .
Mif  872  Guide:  Doc  Ref  E449 C534152 H64
Microfiche collection on women's rights, Black and Native American equality. The collection consists of 2,604 letters addressed to and dealing with the public personalities of the day including abolitionists, writers, actors, artists, feminists, and politicians. (MIF 872) Guide to the collection. (Micr E 449 C534152 H64)

Emma Goldman Papers, 1892-1929.
Film 9338 Guide:  Doc  Ref  HX843.7 G65 E46 1995
The Emma Goldman papers microform: a microfilm edition
Also see Book index (HX843.7.G65 E46 1995)
Emma Goldman : a guide to her life and documentary sources
DESCRIPTION: "More than 60,000 documents chronicle the life and work of America's most famous anarchist and early advocate of free speech, birth control, the equality of women and worker's rights." -- Chadwyck-Healey Intro. Includes writings, correspondence, clippings, government documents (including Intelligence Agency reports).

Gerritsen Collection of Women's History . Film 4256; Mif 458
Guide:  Doc  Ref  HQ1121 G47 1983
A comprehensive international library of over 4,700 titles--books,
pamphlets and periodicals--recording the intellectual, political, legal,
economic, and social history of women and feminism from antiquity to the twentieth century. (Film 4526 and MIF 458). Hard copy guide to this collection in the Women's Studies office. 

Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature: <Resources in the Economic, Social, Business, and Political History of Modern Industrial Society>.   Film 4318  Guides:  Doc  Ref Z7164.E2 G64 and Doc  Ref  Z7164.E2 G642 1989

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) . Mif 1017 
Arranged by state-county-vicinity. Photos and architectural descriptions of historic buildings created in the 1930s. Gives information on historic importance and some bibliographical references.

History of Women. Film 4068 Guide: Doc Ref Z7965 H577 1983
One of the largest and most comprehensive collections of primary source materials for the study of women's history. An interdisciplinary collection of printed books, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts, and photographs. Much of the collection is drawn from the two major women's history libraries: The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe College (special focus on women's role in the American crusade for social justice) and the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College (focus on the social and intellectual history of women since 1795). The collection also includes material from: The Ida Rust Macpherson Collection on women in the westward movement; the Jane Addams Memorial Collection, U. of Illinois' Chicago Circle, on women in the Midwest and in social reform movements; The Miriam Y. Holden and Galatea Collections on Medieval and European women; and supplementary materials from the New York Public Library, the Widener Library at Harvard, and the Yale University Libraries. (Film 4065 and 4068p). Guide to the Collection--subject-indexed chronological bibliography of literature on women's history. (Micr Z 7963 HS)

Hopedale Community Collection, 1821-1938 . Film 4112 
Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z7164 S67 H6

Human Relations Area Files .  Mif 1. Use with Guides:Outline of world cultures   (Doc Ref Z7161.H8 M83 1972) andOutline of cultural materials (Doc Ref Z7161.H8 M82 1971 
shelved on Doc Index Table 3

Isabella Beecher Hooker Project, 1835-1907
Mif 488  Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z6616 H5867-S8 1979
Microfiche edition of papers and suffrage related correspondence belonging to Isabella Beecher Hooker (1822-1907), daughter of Lyman Beecher, half sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe and Catharine Beecher. The collection of more than 1,700 items focuses on Hooker's participation in the suffrage movement, but also contains manuscript material relating to the Beecher-Tilton scandal, spiritualism, the water cure movement, Hartford's Nook Farm community, the Civil War, and sex education, abortion, prostitution, and "voluntary motherhood." Hardcover Index available in the Women's Studies Office

Jane Addams Papers.    Film 9216  Guide:  Doc  Ref 
HV28 A35 J35 1985

Millerites and Early Adventists . Film 8727 Guide:  Doc  Ref Z7845 A35 M54

Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a Northern Slave, Emancipated from Bodily Servitude by the State of New York, in 1828. Boston: Printed for the Author, 1850. Film 79 reel 553 no-8

National Register of Historic Places.   Doc 170.17: 1988
Copies of applications for register status in Mif 1396. Arranged by state-county-vicinity. Includes descriptions of buildings with brief information on historic importance, photos, map. Some bibliographical references on sites included.

National Woman's Rights Convention Proceedings. (1st, 1850-11th, 1866). Mif 458 P144 (proceedings of 5th and 6th not published)

Oneida Community: Books, Pamphlets, and Serials, 1834-1972 .  Film 4111  Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z7164 S67 05

Pamphlets in American History .  Mif 773  Records for individual items in LUIS. Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z1236 P27 group 1-5

Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton . Film 5932

Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, 1831-1906.   Film 9308 Guide:  Doc  Ref  HQ1413 S67 P37 1992

Powell, Roberta Braden. Women and Sport in Victorian America .  Mic 796.0194 Powell

Schlesinger Library Vertical File for Women's Studies: Biographies   Mif 1456 Arranged alphabetically by name of person.

Sex Research: Early Literature from Statistics to Erotica.
Film 9255  Guide:  Doc  Ref  HQ60 S49 1983

Shaker Collection of the Western Reserve Historical Society . Film 4115 and  Mif 431  Guides:  Doc  Ref Z7845 S5 W44 and Doc  Ref  Z7845 S5 W42

Slavery/Anti-Slavery materials. Mic 326 Arranged by author's last name; includes many conference proceedings. Most NOT in LUIS.  Use  Doc  Ref  HV28 A35 J35 1985 as a guide

Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century: Papers and Diaries.

  • Series A. Holdings of the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Film 9349 Guide: Doc  Ref  HQ1438 A13 S35 1991
  • Series D. Holdings of the Virginia Historical Society. Film 9460  Guide:  Doc  Ref  HQ1418 S684 1995

Susan B. Anthony Scrapbooks,1848-1900 . Film 3955

Temperance and Prohibition Papers . Film 9202  Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z7721 G84

Thomas Lake Harris and the Brotherhood of the New Life:  Books, Pamphlets, Serials, and Manuscripts, 1854-1942. 
Film 4113  Guide:  Doc  Ref  Z7164 S67 T45

Witchcraft in Europe and America. Film 9265  Guide:  Doc  Ref BF 1566 R47 1983

Women and Health Collection. Film 5428  Guide:  Doc  Ref Z7963 H4 W6
This collection presents a unique record of women and the health care system. Over 150 files contain clippings, articles, pamphlets, essays and papers on the socialization of children and health care in other countries and on the sexual, psychological and physical results of restrictive sex roles. Additional material covers every aspect of the national health care controversy. Materials were assembled between 1968 and 1974.

Use these guides and indexes to identify relevant journal titles and/or articles.

Early American Periodicals Index to 1850 . Covers 1728-1850. Mip 61 (microprint)

Gerritsen Collection of Women's History: a Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection.   v. 3.  Serials.  Guide to accompany journals in Mif 458.  Doc  Re f HQ1121 G47 1983

History of Women Periodicals List.   List of periodicals in Film 4068p.  Doc  Ref  Z7965 H577 1983b

Hoornstra, Jean.American Periodicals, 1741-1900 : an Index to the Microfilm Collections- -American Periodicals 18th Century, American Periodicals, 1800-1850, American Periodicals, 1850-1900, Civil War and Reconstruction
Index and guide to accompany microfilm sets: Film PR 16, Film PR 18, and Film PR 322.  Doc  Ref  Z6951 H65

Poole's Index to Periodical Literature. (1802-1908) 
Ref A13 P7  Shelved on Index table 17


American Journal of Homoeopathy (1846-1854) 
Film PR18, reel 36S

Anti-Polygamy Standard (1880-1883)  Film 4068p, reel 243

Appleton's Journal (1869-1881) Film PR322,  reels 244-249

Arena (1889-1909) Film PR322, reel 92-99

Godey's maqazine (Godey's Ladies Book) (1830-1898)
 Film PR18, reels 772-776; 862-880

Good Housekeeping   Film PR 826 (1885-1993)

Harper's Bazaar   Film PR322, reels 430-450

Herald of Health (1864-1900) Film PR18, reel 1692-1693

Ladies' Home Journal Film PR 322, reels 758-766 (1884-1907)

Niles' Register (1811-1849) Film PR18, reels 167-177;254-269
 CD-Rom Index: Doc JK1 N53 1995 media 
 At Documents Reserve

North American Review (1815-1939) 
Film PR18, reels 177-183; 270- 281; 1613-1647

Open Court (1887-1905)  Film PR322,  reels 293-297

Phrenological Journal and Science of Health (1838-1911)
 Film PR18, reel 1341-1353

Revolution (1868-1872)  Film 9308, reels 1-3

Una (1853-1855) Mif 458

Union Signal (WCTU, 1883-1933) Film 9202, Ser. 21

Water-Cure Journal (184S-1862)  Film PR18, reel 576-578

Woman's Herald of Industry (1881-1884)  Film 4068p, reel 251

Woman's Journal (1870-1917)  Film 4068p, reels 184-199

Woman's Standard (1886-1911)  Film 4068p, reel 227

Woman's Tribune (1883-1909)  Film 4068p, reels 230-232

Available in alternative format upon request.

Compiled by Lucy Patrick, Ph.D
Special Collections Dept.
Strozier Library
Florida State University
October 1997



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